2 New Arizona Expenses: Minimize Card Fee and Necessary Checking

January 28, 2019 by erfa5t8

Marijuana Testing

 Cannabis Testing Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli is proposing two medical marijuana bills intending to benefit clients. Senate Costs 1138 would lower the cost for a medical cannabis card and SB 1137 would carry out the screening of cannabis for hazardous compounds such as pesticides.

SB 1138 looks for to minimize the state cost from $150 to just $50, Tucson.com reports. The legislation would also make the initial card for brand-new medical marijuana cardholders valid for 2 years. The state would have the ability to determine what the preliminary card fee would be under this legislation. Following the first approval and legitimate 2-year card, medical cannabis cardholders would need to restore annually.

Senator Borrelli stated, “It would ease the concern on the Department of Health. They have such as brief time in getting these cards in and out. So, for processing, why not have the card opt for 2 years?”

SB 1137 seeks to take $2 million from the state’s medical marijuana program and provide it to the Department of Agriculture to check medical marijuana. Testing would identify the kinds of toxic substances used and the safety of the medical marijuana in Arizona.

Senator Borrelli hopes these pieces of legislation will make the medical marijuana program more cost effective and safer for the state’s clients.



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