40% of Arizona’s Hemp Crops Need to Be Destroyed Due to Too Much THC

January 16, 2020 by erfa5t8

Arizona Hemp Info

 Arizona Hemp Details Hemp, marijuana’ cousin, is getting amazing appeal in Arizona. Numerous farmers are replacing crops– such as cotton– traditionally grown in Arizona to cultivate hemp, the country’s latest cash crop.

However, Arizona law specifies that hemp can not include over.03% THC, the psychedelic compound in cannabis, AZ Central reported. If it does, the crop should be ruined.

To date, nearly 40% of Arizona farmers’ hemp plants have actually stopped working the THC test, according to the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s Plant Services Department, the company that manages the state’s hemp program.

” At 40%, that’s off the charts,” said Sullivan of the Arizona Hemp Industry Trade Association. “I’m surprised by that. That’s significant.”

According to the Agriculture Department, because early December, 53 of the 130 hemp crops checked have actually failed. That’s almost 700 acres of hemp plants.

Conservatively, one acre of hemp is worth approximately $20,000, however frequently opt for well above that cost. If about 700 hemp acres are non-compliant it means that there are roughly $13.4 million in losses.

” The failure rate is not unexpected based upon anecdotal information from around the nation relating to variable seed quality and genetic expression, for THC material, in between the ranges planted,” John Caravetta, associate director of the Plant Providers Division discussed.

As of June 2019, Arizona was had the fifth most quantity of hemp acres growing in the U.S.

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