Joint Lifestyle AZ

Flourish Cannabis, an Arizona edibles maker, has actually partnered with Sun Valley MMJ Accreditation Centers to host the Joint Way of life 4th of July Cannabis Independence Celebration, a celebration for Arizona’s medical marijuana industry.

The celebration will be at the Clarendon Hotel in main Phoenix. Participants can hang poolside, pay attention to music, take in medical cannabis products (need to have a valid medical cannabis card), delight in the dab stations, get in to win free gifts, and see fireworks from the rooftop bar.

Dustin Klein of SVMMJCC informed, “The event will be a celebration of marijuana self-reliance and combine Arizona’s medical cannabis clients and industry employees.”

It is only $10 for a general admission poolside tickets and $50 for VIP roof tickets. Dispensary Representative cardholders secure free VIP access to the swimming pool and roofing system. The Clarendon Hotel will be providing affordable spaces for the occasion that start at just $150 with the voucher code “FLRSVM.”

Participants should be 21 years of age or older and have a valid medical cannabis card or Dispensary Agent card to attend the occasion.

Tickets and more details can be obtained at