ADHS Misallocated $1 Million from Medical Marijuana Program

June 28, 2019 by erfa5t8


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 Infusion Kitchens A new audit has actually revealed that the Arizona Department of Health Solutions( ADHS) has actually misused almost $1 million to run the state’s medical marijuana program. The audit declares that the funds were” misallocated.” The auditor found 2 employees with wages totaling almost$ 131,000 which were spent for completely by

the medical marijuana fund although those staff members likewise worked on other programs, Arizona Capital Times reported. The auditor also reviewed a sample of 65 of the 7,177 fiscal year 2018 expense transactions, amounting to approximately $2.6 million. For 30 of the 65 transactions, amounting to roughly $962,000, the ADHS paid the complete expense of the deal, nevertheless, other ADHS programs also gained from the expenditures, leading to a possible misallocation of funds. The ADHS said,” The Department thinks that monies for the [Medical Marijuana] Fund were invested in a permitted way, and that payroll costs for the

Fund were only charged for work workers carried out on the Program. However, the Department recognizes that more official procedures ought to be in place.” The ADHS further stated that the “ADHS is confident that all Medical Cannabis funds were spent in an allowed way, and the report supports this by acknowledging that all audited funds were spent on workers and activities connected to the program. While some expenses might have benefitted other programs in addition to the Medical Cannabis program, the Department sees this as an advantage that likewise improves public health capability for the people of Arizona. “AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus SECURE FREE GAIN ACCESS TO Success!

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