Amsterdam wants to disallow foreign visitors from buying cannabis

February 14, 2020 by erfa5t8

The mayor of Amsterdam has looked for to win political support for her cleanup of the overcrowded red-light district by revealing that a third of foreign travelers and nearly half of Britons would be less most likely to check out the city once again if they were disallowed from purchasing cannabis in the coffeehouse.

Femke Halsema, who is understood to wish to reduce the number of outlets selling marijuana, attached the study results to a letter to councillors revealing her intention to analyze how they may reduce the tourist attraction of substance abuse to travelers.

Amsterdam is struggling to cope with the huge numbers going to the city centre to the point that its tourist attractions are no longer being promoted.

Home to 1.1 million people, the city brings in more than 17 million visitors a year. The town is especially eager to dissuade foreign visitors from taking advantage of gedoogbeleid, “policy of tolerance”, towards marijuana.

The study by Amsterdam’s research study, details and stats workplace suggests that 34% of all those who visit the Singel area, which is where the red-light district is located, would come less frequently to the city if foreigners were not permitted to purchase cannabis from the coffee bar, while 11% would never ever come again.

Of the British visitors surveyed, 42% said they would go back to Amsterdam less frequently.

Amongst participants of all nationalities, 40% stated they would no longer utilize “hashish or weed” on their visits if such a ban was imposed.

One in 5 (22%) stated they would let someone else go to the cafe, and 18% stated they would discover another way to buy the drug.

The 100 visitors to the Singel area study were aged between 18 and 35, the majority of whom (57%) stated they counted coffee shops as playing a crucial function in their option to come to Amsterdam.

” For British visitors, coffee shops by far are the most frequently discussed primary reason to come to Amsterdam (33%),” stated the research, details and stats office. “They point out walking or cycling through the city less typically as the main factor (21%) than the average (32%) and, on the contrary, more often suggest that a cheap trip was the primary reason (11% compared to 6% on average).”

Beyond the city’s canal district ending up being excessively occupied by travelers, and inculcated with what is seen as a significantly seedy culture, Halsema is seeking to deal with the paradox of the Dutch tolerance policy.

While licensed coffee shops are permitted to sell marijuana from their facilities, production of the drug is illegal. The outcome is that the coffee shops typically deal at the “back door” with organised criminal activity gangs.

In her letter, the mayor stated she wanted “a research study this year to reduce the tourist attraction of marijuana to travelers and the (local) guideline of the back entrance … A clear separation of markets between hard drugs and soft drugs has great urgency because of the hardening of the trade in controlled substances.”

Separately on Thursday, Amsterdam city hall said group tours of the red-light district and other areas of the capital including sex workers’ windows would be officially prohibited from 1 April, while assisted trips elsewhere in the centre would require a license.

The city board likewise voted to limit the size of certified trips to 15 people and bar them from dropping in busy places such as on narrow bridges, in front of houses, and at the entrances to stores and restaurants throughout opening hours. Guides who break the rules will be fined EUR190.

The deputy mayor, Victor Everhardt, said red-light district trips had been banned because it was “disrespectful to treat sex employees as a tourist destination”. Other trips should “adhere to brand-new, more stringent guidelines to prevent interruption for homeowners and businesses”.

Up to 115 assisted trips currently travel through Amsterdam’s red-light district every day. More than half of homeowners and organisations in the centre say they are troubled by assisted tours, while sex workers experience violent behaviour and photos being taken without their approval.





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