Populum, a Tempe-based CBD oil company providing tinctures, topicals and animal CBD products online, is taking CBD mainstream. Owner, Gunhee Park, started Populum in 2016 after attempting CBD and seeing enhancements in his total well-being. It s simple to get skeptical, and I was the exact same method, Park told AZ Central. He observed enhancements in focus, sleep and stress and anxiety.

There s a lot of misunderstandings and stigma with hemp due to its ties with cannabis, Park stated. We wanted to begin a brand that s contemporary and friendly so that it helps break the preconception related to hemp and can be presented to mainstream market. Populum s tinctures sell for between $70 and $200 per bottle. The company also offers customers a risk-free 30-day trial.

Part of Populum s profits is donated to local charities like Empowerment Systems. Military veterans are also used a 25% discount by means of the Veterans Help Program.

Park is happy when he reads that a consumer has actually discovered success through his product line.

He stated, The most heartfelt reviews are from customers that can t sleep due to pain-related concerns and hemp CBD oil assists them get a good night s sleep. Some clients have the ability to wean off a lot of pharmaceuticals. That s what drives us to keep opting for any challenges we face. Understanding there are customers with who we ve made substantial difference in their lives. Image: populum