Arizona Cops Are Privately Making Marijuana Focuses

August 28, 2019 by erfa5t8

Arizona Marijuana Extracts

Arizona Marijuana Extracts The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) has actually validated that for about 4 years it has been producing cannabis extracts (focuses). Their program is intended to help prosecutors and police officers understand the cannabis flower-to-concentrates ratio.

Phoenix lawyer Tom Dean was approached by another lawyer concerning a cannabis extracts case, which brought the news of this concealed program to light, AZ Mirror reports. Dean got a report from MCSO detailing the extent of the extraction lab’s abilities and procedure. At first, it appeared that the MCSO was trying to make it appear they had just started producing extracts following the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling in May that legalized extracts in Arizona.

Dean said, “They wish to create a ratio, if you will, for flower to concentrates.”

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) still hasn’t figured out a standardized ratio relating to how much dry flower it takes to produce a defined quantity of concentrate. If the MCSO and ADHS end up figuring out 2 different ratios, then it’s unclear which approach of measurement will be utilized.

MCSO declares it developed an “info just” report from the results of their own screening treatments following the Supreme Court’s ruling.

One investigator said he ‘d “been performing chemical and mechanical extractions in training for trainees to see to understand the procedure for at least 5 years” which his “group has actually been carrying out weekly extractions of cannabis oil using non-polar (butane) extraction approach considering that March 2018.”

MCSO said, “For over 4 years the system has been training very first responders on the threats of butane honey oil extractions, and the techniques marijuana is manufactured from marijuana. For instance, one approach is to run butane over marijuana to show how standard marijuana oil is made, along with the flammable and explosive risks of that procedure. (The job force) provides officers and investigators training and prepares skilled testament for prosecuting companies throughout the state. Therefore, when the concern of ‘can a person have (x amount) of cannabis and still be covered under the resistances used under the (medical cannabis laws)?’ occurs, (the task force) requires to establish a baseline to answer or believe based on training and experience and support that with realities and evidence if possible.”

Dean pointed out that the flower-to-concentrate ratio matters since medical marijuana clients need to know the weight of their cannabis concentrates in order to stay within the legal weight. The distinction can imply resistance versus a felony.

It is unidentified when the ADHS will determine the ratio.

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