Arizona Court Ruling Allows Medical Marijuana on College Campuses

August 18, 2018 by erfa5t8

Arizona College Marijuana

Arizona colleges are back in session, and a brand-new law permits medical marijuana on schools. In May, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled to protect students with a legitimate Arizona medical cannabis card from prosecution for utilizing and/or possessing medical cannabis on schools. However the Arizona Board of Regents( ABOR) Trainee Code of Conduct says that marijuana

ownership and/or use on campus is an infraction of the code, 12 News reports. And all 3 major universities in Arizona follow the rules set forth by ABOR. What this indicates for trainees is that criminal charges can not be imposed if they have a legitimate medical cannabis card, but the university can still enforce its own penalty. At Grand Canyon University, any trainee in possession of or utilizing marijuana on school will be escorted away from school. If the person does not have their medical marijuana card on them, they could be arrested. Other schools will be running in a similar fashion. Some dispensaries are using back to school discount rates to students with a medical cannabis card. Contact your regional dispensary here to learn more. Share story: GET ACCESS Success!

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