Arizona Farmers Can Start Growing Hemp in June

May 20, 2019 by erfa5t8


Hemp Arizona

 Hemp Arizona Arizona farmers can start planting hemp in early June. Hemp industry applications are due by May 31, and it can take just days for applicants to get licensing. One location that the committee is having problem with is what to do with crops that check over 0.3% THC, AZ Big Media reported. It’s likely that crops checking above the limit would need to be ruined. Some farmers are also concerned about civilians mistaking the crops for marijuana. Paul Ollerton, a cotton farmer in Casa Grande, is considering including hemp to his crop rotation.” God knows we need something that’s a little bit more rewarding than what

cotton has actually been for the last few years, “said Ollerton. The sustainability and adaptability of

the hemp plant is what makes farmers want to grow it. Hemp requires less water than many crops. It requires water at the beginning of its growth cycle

, mainly, then much less. Regarding what the state will do with hemp that checks above 0.3% THC limitation, Brian McGrew of the Arizona Department of Farming, said,” There’s many ways it may go. Total destruction of the crop, as some states have done, if it evaluates over. It’s all going to be based upon what resources are readily available for the grower and the state, and what innovations may exist. “Zev Pass of the National Hemp Association stated,” Hemp discuss several markets in a sustainable method. We are at the very beginning of discovering all the advantages of it. Many markets are using it, a lot of jobs are being created, a great deal of city governments are getting tax profits, it has a variety of tax advantages.” Hemp takes about 120 days to grow. Farmers that plant on May 31 or in early June would be collecting in October. Picture: Ian Maule Tulsa World via AP File SECURE FREE ACCESS Success!

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