Arizona Marijuana Tests

 Arizona Cannabis Tests The most recent report by Americans for Safe Access ranked Arizona second-rate at 79.6% (a C+ grade) among the country’s medical marijuana state programs.

The 5 main categories that were graded:

Client rights & & civil securities
Ease of navigation
Gain access to
Customer safety & & provider requirements

Arizona scored extremely well (96 out of 100) in the client rights and civil defenses category, in addition to in program functionality (89 out of 100).

Ball game for ease of navigation was 82 from 100, while access to medicine scored 81 from 100.

The most affordable scoring classification for Arizona was consumer security and supplier requirements, which received simply 39 from 100 available points. That Arizona does not require laboratory testing is what truly harmed the state’s overall score; the customer security subsection got a 0 from 25. Legislation is still pending to make screening cannabis mandatory in Arizona.

View the complete report: ASA Medical Marijuana Gain Access To State Progress Report 2018

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