Arizona Hemp Farms Might Cross-Pollinate Ruining Medical Cannabis Farms

April 29, 2019 by erfa5t8


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Arizona farmers will have the ability to plant hemp seeds soon ( on June 1), which has the state’s medical marijuana growers worried about cross pollination. The best way to avoid this, according to some of the growers, is to keep the pollen off of the hemp plants. In Snowflake, there will be a buffer zone produced in between cannabis and hemp crops, according to AZ Central. 2 other areas of the state are likewise going over producing buffer zones. Farmers are asking for a 10-mile buffer zone. Marijuana and hemp might become part of the exact same plant family, but they are 2 extremely different plants. Lawyer Timothy La Sota stated earlier this year that, “In other words, the capacity for cross pollination of

hemp plants and cannabis plants is inescapable if hemp is permitted to be grown in proximity to marijuana.” Hemp crops are expected to be larger than cannabis crops and consist of the cultivation of male

plants. The inclusion of male plants in industrial hemp crops opens the potential for cross pollination to occur. A 10-mile buffer zone would significantly decrease the possibilities of cross pollination.

Pima County authorities have already decreased to create a buffer zone as it might have decreased the growing area considerably. Chris Poirier of Pima County Advancement Services stated,” They desired a 10-mile buffer. That would then preclude’ x’ quantity of miles and hundreds, if not countless acres for prospective crops from being grown, enforcing then this restriction on other people’s residential or commercial property rights.” Harvest Health and Recreation also has issues about cross pollination for their center in Camp Verde. Steve White of Harvest stated,” It is on our radar, it is something we talk about. We do not desire those regional communities to lose tasks. If you make a substantial investment in a community

, you wish to make certain that financial investment is going to be protected. “These concerns are being raised as the Arizona Department of Farming is establishing the guidelines for the emerging industrial hemp market. Those guidelines are expected by May 31. Cross-pollination is not on the agency

‘s radar. It’ll depend on hemp farmers to pick their location carefully and make sure that they’re within any guidelines set by state and localities. The department’s site says,” It will be the responsibility of the license holder to determine if there are any local zoning or regulation constraints. Cross-pollination concerns are the duty of the applicant/licensee to be aware of to protect their crop.


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