Arizona Legislators Reject Cannabis Edibles Costs

March 23, 2019 by erfa5t8

Arizona Edibles
 Arizona Edibles On March 21, a proposition to clarify that marijuana-infused edibles are legal for medicinal usage in Arizona was rejected by Republican lawmakers. On a 29-29 vote, the Arizona Home rejected Rep. Randall Friese’s proposal, reported. Friese was intending to clearly add the word “edible” to Arizona’s medical marijuana law.

Yavapai County authorities continue to jail medical marijuana patients for the ownership of marijuana extracts, which are usually utilized to make edibles. Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley understands that legislative action is required to definitively clarify the legality of cannabis extracts in Arizona.

” Individuals are buying these cannabis derivatives, the focuses and the edibles lawfully, and paying taxes, but in particular counties in Arizona they’re being apprehended for these things that they bought legally,” said Hannley.

Friese’s proposal might have been rejected, however on March 19 the Arizona Supreme Court went over the legality of medical cannabis extracts in Arizona, and the justices appeared to concur that medical marijuana extracts are consisted of in the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA), which would make them legal in Arizona.

Up until the Court rules on this issue (which is expected to be in a couple of months), many Arizona dispensaries will likely continue to offer extracts to certifying clients.

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