AZ Cannabis Testing

Arizona Democrats cannot offer sufficient assistance for SB 1420, which would have needed obligatory testing of all medical marijuana and marijuana-derived items. The bill required a three-fourths majority to pass in your house, however only two Democrats supported the legislation.

The 2nd vote taken on SB 1420 was 36-24, according to AZ Household. To pass, 45 supporting votes were required. All but 2 of the 29 states with medical marijuana programs require screening of the medical cannabis being offered to clients.

Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli stated, “Exactly what they’re actually saying when they vote ‘no’ is that they want chemically-contaminated, bacteria-infected, musty dope that they’re committing as medication.”

New legislation is expected to surface in the next legal session.

Dr. Randall Friese, a Democratic House member, headed the opposition of the expense. Some that did reveal assistance said the bill wasn’t prepared for “prime time.” Friese stated, “We are among the couple of states that have medical marijuana and don’t evaluate it. I absolutely agree medical marijuana must be tested. The problem is that this bill does not quite get it right. What I don’t want to do is put a bill in that does not work, that causes issues with screening then item is supported on the shelf and does not get to the customer.”

The Senate passed the legislation in February with a vote of 27-3, but did not gather the very same support in your home. Arizona needs that any modifications to voter-approved laws fulfill a three-fourths majority in both houses to progress.

Borrelli already has plans to present a new costs in the next legislative sessions. He voiced his annoyance with Democrats, hinting that they care more about safeguarding dispensaries than patients. Borrelli said, “If you’re breathing in something that’s got mold on it and you have actually got a breathing issue, think exactly what, you’re going to get even sicker.”

Lots of dispensaries throughout Arizona already willingly test their medical cannabis, and patients are motivated to ask about the quality and security of the medical cannabis being purchased and consumed.