Arizona Moms Need Your Assistance to Add Autism to Medical Cannabis Program

February 12, 2020 by erfa5t8


 ASD Arizona Representatives Diego Espinoza and Lorenzo Sierra have presented a bill (HB 2049) to add Autism Spectrum Disorder to the state’s list of certifying conditions for medical cannabis. Mothers throughout the state are making their voices heard on this legislation.

Brandy Williams has been among the most singing mommies when it concerns medical marijuana for autism, ABC 15 reported. She and her boy Logan have been fighting for numerous years to get ASD added to the Arizona medical marijuana program.

” We got him on medical marijuana to get seizure control from his Epilepsy, but what we got was a lot more,” Williams stated.

Erica Smith is another mom that has actually become singing about desiring access to medical marijuana for her son’s autism. Her kid qualifies for medical marijuana due to having other conditions that are on the qualifying conditions list.

Smith stated, “The happiness that it has actually given see my child smiling once again and delighted, I want other moms and dads to have that opportunity.”

The autistic kids that do have access to medical cannabis are not smoking cigarettes or vaporizing it. They are using options types such as pastes, tinctures, and extracts.

Williams stated, “All you need is a rice-sized grain of the paste, and I mix it in with his food.”

Unfortunately, parents that have kids using medical marijuana might deal with criminal charges or an undesirable visit from Child Protective Solutions.

Williams said, “Moms and dads require a layer of defense. We don’t require a bunch of parents having actually CPS called and being detained even if they’re trying to find relief for their kids.”

Some people, typically anti-cannabis folks, like to say there aren’t sufficient research studies offering evidence that medical cannabis helps those with ASD. However, there are really multiple research studies (here are three: 1, 2, 3) revealing its effectiveness. And for many moms and dads, their kids getting an enhanced lifestyledue to medical marijuana use is enough evidence. In 2018, the Arizona Department of Health Providers along with an Arizona court< a href=" ” > rejected adding ASD to the state’s program.

At this time, it’s unknown whether HB 2049 will receive a hearing. But Arizonans can quickly call their local representatives and advise them to support HB 2049.



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