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A survey conducted this February by OH Predictive Insights and the Customer Choice Center suggests that 62.9% of the Arizona voters support legislating and taxing cannabis like alcohol. Of those 62.9%, 40.9% “strongly assistance” legalization while 22.0% “somewhat support.”

A large divide in between Republican and Democrat assistance was shown, a nearly 20% space, inning accordance with KTAR. Democratic support was 68.9%and Republican assistance was 48.2%. Independents revealed 61.7% support for leisure legalization.

Those surveyed in the 18– 34 age group support leisure legalization by 72.5% while those ages 65 and older revealed over 50% assistance. Less than 13% were uncertain about the subject.

A minimum of 2 adult-use leisure cannabis legalization initiatives– HCR 2037 and the Much safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Act– are expected to be on the Arizona tallies in November 2018.

AZ Cannabis

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