Arizona Cannabis Bill

 Arizona Cannabis Bill In January, Arizona senator Sonny Borrelli presented SB 1137 which looked for to need third-party testing of medical marijuana items to avoid marijuana including toxins from being offered in the state. But not one Democrat appeared when it was time to elect the expense, KNAU Arizona Public Radio reported, and Arizona needs a three-fourths majority to make modifications to a voter-approved law like the Arizona Medical Cannabis Act.” I’m at a loss as to why the minority would band together to stop this safety measure,” stated Senator Borrelli. SB 1137 might have been deserted but HB 2537 is still alive and, it too, consists of executing third-party screening of cannabis in the state along with reducing the house cultivation plant limitation for clients and caregivers, extending medical marijuana card expiration dates, reducing the growing limitation, and more. Picture: GarrettSSeeger/Flickr CC2.0 Customized Petition to Reduce MMJ Card Fee in Arizona– Sign the petition here  Petition SUBSCRIBE HERE Success!