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On January 5, 2018, Arizona Senator David Farnsworth (R-Mesa )presented a costs that will impede the Arizona medical cannabis industry and restrict journalism in Arizona.

Sen. Farnsworth’s expense, SB 1060, looks for to make it a federal crime for publications– such as– to publish details about Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries and their items, despite the fact that such publications just assist inform and notify the more than 150,000 medical marijuana patients in Arizona.

Sen. Farnsworth believes that for every single unverified or inaccurate dispensary address that an Arizona publication posts, it ought to be guilty of a Class 6 felony and a $10,000 fine. (For the record,’s Dispensary pageonly publishes registered/state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries and is constantly making every effort to keep the details precise.)

Publishing accurate details is of the utmost value to publications. However, a lot more so, is the freedom which enables any entity or individual( s) to say or compose whatever they deem worthy. If this sounds familiar it’s since it is part of the First Modification in the Constitution of the United States. Yet, Sen. Farnsworth doesn’t appear to care. Instead, he appears to have an anti-marijuana personal program that’s more vital than the Constitution, making his attempt to censor the Arizona press a brazen and outrageous act that would make any dictator proud.

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Sen. Farnsworth’s bill, SB 1060, reads, in part: A listing or menu service that shows the contact information for or line of product of a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary without confirming that the not-for-profit medical marijuana dispensary has a registration accreditation or that shows a physical address for a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary that is various than the address listed on the not-for-profit medical cannabis dispensary’s registration certificate is guilty of a class 6 felony and will pay a fine of not less than ten thousand dollars for each offense.

Email Senator David Farnsworth today and tell him to throw out costs SB 1060. Call Sen. Farnsworth’s office at 602-926-3020 Email Sen. Farnsworth at [email protected]

Likewise, e-mail your regional agent todayand inform him/her to toss out Senator David Farnsworth’s costs (SB 1060).

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