Arizona Supreme Court Seat Has Montgomery in Far Different Function

October 2, 2019 by erfa5t8

Bill Montgomery Cannabis AZ

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Montgomery Cannabis AZ” width=” 715″ height=” 400″/ > By Associated Press (AP)– Attorneys say Gov. Doug Ducey’s visit of now-former Maricopa County Lawyer Expense Montgomery to the Arizona Supreme Court puts Montgomery in a new role that might silence his public advocacy on policy issues.

Montgomery for several years has actually been a power-broker at the Arizona Legislature on criminal-justice concerns while being an outspoken critic of cannabis legalization.

Ducey, in revealing his fifth appointment to the state high court, stated he’s confident that he selected a justice who will analyze the law, not someone to compose it.

” Costs Montgomery is that prospect,” Ducey said.

Arizona’s judicial conduct code limits what judges can do off the bench, and lawyers interviewed by the Arizona Capitol Times stated it ‘d be a departure from tradition for Montgomery to continue his previous advocacy now that he’s on the bench.

Danny Seiden, a former Ducey aide who when acted as a special assistant county attorney to Montgomery, stated Montgomery is now in a “less effective” position as a justice compared to a chosen county lawyer.

” Prosecutors have a ton of power at the same time,” Seiden stated. “That’s why they’re elected, that’s why they need to deal with individuals and represent their charging decisions and policymaking role while doing so. However when you’re a judge, you truly just analyze statutes. You do not make policy.”

Alessandra Soler, executive director of the ACLU of Arizona, said it ‘d be a departure from custom for Montgomery to do otherwise.

” I assume that there was this separation of powers and they ought to not play a role in lobbying,” Soler said.

But Montgomery’s background produces questions how he’ll act as a justice, Soler stated.

” Justices need to be fair and objective, and I think that during the last nine years he’s really shown that he lets his personal biases drive his prosecutorial practices and policies, so I think that’s certainly going to be a huge question for us– is he going to be reasonable and unbiased?” she stated.

Republican attorney Kory Langhofer said it will be informing to see how Montgomery navigates issues like criminal justice reform.

” I strongly suspect that his views on criminal justice are deeply held and will come through in his jurisprudence. But I believe his judicial philosophy on other political matters about which he’s revealed very strong viewpoints may be less predictable,” Langhofer stated.

For now, Langhofer stated, Arizona locals have Montgomery’s word that he understands the difference between judicial and political philosophy.

” I think we require to hear him out on this,” Langhofer said.

Similarly, Seiden stated he’ll take Montgomery at his word that he understands the brand-new function he’ll play as a judge.

” I can only speak with what I have actually heard Costs say in the past, and I think Costs’s a firm believer in the separation of powers,” Seiden stated.

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