Arizona Town Sees Purple Sky from Cannabis Farm’s Grow Lights

January 15, 2020 by erfa5t8

Cannabis AZ Grow

 Marijuana AZ Grow On the night of January 10, the skies in Snowflake, Arizona shone in a purple haze. The combination of snow clouds and the ultraviolet grow lights from Copperstate Farms’ medical cannabis cultivation center contributed to the beautiful shade which nearly looked like the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

Several say that the purple skies might be seen for miles, AZ Central reported. The gorgeous sight became a newsworthy photo chance for Navajo County locals.

@NavajoCounty posted on their Facebook page that, “The purple glow is an outcome of UV lights from close-by medical marijuana farm Copperstate Farms and the snow clouds overhead.”

The cultivation center used to be a cherry tomato greenhouse owned by Naturesweet, but was transformed and broadened to fit the requirements of the medical marijuana farm.

Copperstate Farms is the biggest company in Navajo County. It also owns two dispensaries in the Phoenix metro location, both are named Sol Flower.

Image: Cara Smith; navajocounty



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