Arizona Veteran Fired for Using Medical Marijuana

May 4, 2019 by erfa5t8

Arizona Veteran Marijuana

 Arizona Veteran Marijuana A Desert Storm battle veteran and Arizona medical marijuana cardholder has actually lost his task due to the fact that he evaluated favorable for cannabis after a work injury that led to an obligatory post-injury drug test.

The veteran, who is remaining anonymous, uses cannabis to relieve his PTSD signs, < a href="" target="

_ blank” rel =” noopener noreferrer” > WPTV 5 News reported. Arizona’s medical cannabis law specifies that clients can’t be fired simply for having a medical marijuana card. However, some companies utilize a no-drug policy as a loophole to fire medical cannabis patients.

Companies have to have the ability to point out a particular factor that shows disability at work or at the time of an injury in order to lawfully end a medical cannabis patient.

Arizona law states, in section 36-2813, that,” Unless a failure to do so would trigger an employer to lose a monetary or licensing associated benefit under federal law or policies, a company might not discriminate against an individual in hiring, termination or imposing any term or condition of employment or otherwise punish a person based upon either: 1. The person’s status as a cardholder. 2. A signed up qualifying client’s positive drug test for cannabis components or metabolites, unless the client utilized, possessed or was impaired by marijuana on the premises of the place of work or throughout the hours of work.”

Arizona’s legal securities do support medical cannabis patients, but only to a certain degree.

The veteran said it perfectly, “Be careful cause you’re not as safe as you believe you are, the law doesn’t safeguard you as much as you think.”



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