Arizonans Consumed 83 Tons of (Legal) Marijuana in 2019

January 30, 2020 by erfa5t8

AZ Cannabis Sales

 AZ Marijuana Sales According to the Arizona Department of Health Solutions, Arizonans purchased 83 lots (almost $580 million) of medical cannabis products in 2019.

Costs have actually dropped some because 2018 when a pound of cannabis was costing about $4,800, according to AZCentral. In 2019, the typical rate per pound was $3,500.

Cannabis flowers produced the vast amount of cannabis items sold in Arizona last year. Then concentrates and edibles.

Efforts to legislate adult-use marijuana are also off to an excellent start with $1.6 million raised up until now and over < a href= “” > 150,000 signatures for the Smart and Safe Arizona tally effort. The primary anti-marijuana group in Arizona, ARDP, doesn’t prepare to form a political action committee (PAC )to ramp up opposition efforts this year.

The group was able to raise $6.3 million in moneying to ward off legalization efforts in 2016.” At this point, ARDP has no strategies to form a PAC in opposition to the effort,” stated ARDP spokesman Robert Leger. Perhaps the reason that ARDP isn’t planning to fight legalization efforts is the loss of two of their biggest factors: Discount rate Tire (the creator, Bruce Halle, died )and Insys Rehabs( the founder and some magnates were sentenced to jail for scams and bribery charges last month) . Arizona’s medical marijuana market is robust, and numerous surveys have actually shown strong

voter assistance in the state for adult-use marijuana legalization. If all pro-marijuana Arizonans vote “yes” for the Smart and Safe Arizona ballot initiative in November then legalization will likely take place. CLICK HERE Success!

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