Uncle Herbs Dispensary

Uncle Herb’s, the only dispensary in Payson, is considering relocating to the Valley next year. If it does it will open an enormous location for medical cannabis patients to reobtain personal growing rights since there would not be any dispensaries within 25 miles of Payson.

The Payson dispensary has actually been opened for three years and, the owner of Uncle Herb’s, Andrew Provencio, mentioned to the Payson Preparation and Zoning Committee that he will likely transfer to the Valley in 2018, reports the Payson Roundup. Provencio said his sales would probably increase by as much as 80% if his dispensary was in Phoenix.

Under Arizona law dispensary licensees have to stay in their designated area for three years before they can try to relocate.

Provencio would leave his cultivation facility, kitchen area and production facility in Payson, which would leave about 20 jobs to residents, but the existing town code does not enable it.

In order to minimize an economic effect on Payson, the town’s commission suggested that the town accept brand-new modifications that would enable off-site growing centers for dispensaries, which would allow Uncle Herb’s to keep is Payson cultivation facility and staff members while operating in Phoenix. Another code change recommended is permitting 2 dispensaries instead of one.

If Uncle Herb’s does transfer to the Valley, the Payson location will become a medical marijuana growing mecca for clients.