Cannabis Clinical Trial PTSD

Marijuana Scientific Trial PTSD The first scientific trial of medical cannabis for PTSD has actually concluded. It was performed at the Scottsdale Research Institute by Dr. Sue Sisley.

The FDA-approved study had 76 veterans with PTSD take part, KJZZ 91.5 Radio reports. The veterans utilized cannabis for 3 weeks and then had to stay away for 2.

The participants had four pressures of cannabis offered to them. Each stress consisting of various cannabinoids. The veterans then figured out when they needed to medicate and just how much they required to utilize. There was a cap of 1.8 grams per day.

” In some cases we saw veterans that had no symptoms on a good day and they wouldn’t use any cannabis,” stated Dr. Sisley. “Others would use it just in the evening to start sleep or to suppress nightmares or flashbacks.”

This was a triple-blind, randomized control trial. The individuals, independent raters and researchers didn’t know what was being administered to each veteran.

” All of the information from this study, the good and the bad of marijuana, will be published,” kept in mind Sisley. “Everything gets put into the public domain so that everyone gets a possibility to inspect it.”

Sisley pointed out that there hasn’t been a new treatment for PTSD in over 17 years. Cannabis could end up being a lifesaver for those coping with PTSD.

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio