AZ Cannabis Prices

BDS Analytics ‘Cannabis Rate Index tracks the retail sales rates of marijuana products throughout legalized markets in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Oregon– states which produced over 50% of the legalized sales in the United States in 2018. Underlying BDS Analytics’ CPI is their GreenEdge Retail Sales Tracking Platform which has tracked over a billion dispensary transactions.

” In 2018 (YTD through June ’18) Arizona’s Flower market has actually reached over $148M, which has to do with $18M bigger than Oregon’s Flower market for the very same duration,” GreenEdge reported.” Edibles in Arizona reached almost $19M in sales in Q2 2018, a 69% increase from Q2 2017.”

In October 2018, legal cannabis sales at dispensaries throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington exceeded a combined $ 538 million, a 34.5% boost from January 2018, according to GreenEdge. Year-to-date through October, those states’ combined sales were $5.15 billion.

Medical cannabis costs in Arizona have constantly decreased since dispensaries opened.

” Throughout 2017, flower caught 52 percent of Arizona sales, and pre-rolled joints included another 5 percent– 57 percent of sales,” GreenEdge found. “With an average pre-tax list price of $9.89, prices are significantly higher than in Colorado, where the average rate is listed below $5. But they remain in line with California costs.”

In 2018, pre-rolled joints of a gram of flower can be discovered for as low as $5, which represents 50% decrease in rate at particular Arizona dispensaries.