Arizona Marijuana Dispensaries

 Arizona Marijuana Dispensaries The Arizona Department of Health Solutions’ (ADHS) newest information report for the state’s medical cannabis program was just recently released.

The report, which covers the month of September 2017, exposes that there are just over 143,200 active medical cannabis patients in Arizona. Maricopa County has the biggest number of patients with 90,564. Pima County was 2nd with 19,835 clients, then Pinal County with 7,864 and Coconino County with 3,157.

Arizona has a large age variety of clients:

Ages under 18– 202
Ages 18 to 30– 35,064
Ages 31 to 40– 29,506
Ages 41 to 50– 22,348
Ages 51 to 60– 24,324
Ages 61 to 70– 23,593
Ages 71 to 80– 6,708
Age 81 and older– 1,494

According to the information, there are 88,455 males with medical cannabis cards and 54,784 women.

The most typical qualifying condition is chronic discomfort with 120,793 patients declaring it as their medical condition for medical cannabis usage. Those with two or more certifying conditions make up 10,584 clients The next most typical certifying conditions in Arizona: 3,626 patients with cancer, 1,914 patients with PTSD and 1,163 patients with muscle convulsions.

The other medical marijuana certifying conditions:

Seizures– 1,132 patients
Glaucoma– 967 patients
Hepatitis C– 900 clients
Nausea– 790 clients
HIV/AIDS– 613 clients
Crohn’s disease– 518 patients
Cachexia– 127 clients
Alzheimer’s disease– 68 patients
Sclerosis– 44 clients.

Because January 2017, Arizona’s medical cannabis program as increased by 26,543 patients. Because August 2017, it has boost by 3,415 clients.