AZ Cannabis Effort Passes Legal Evaluation with Minor Changes Coming

September 11, 2019 by erfa5t8

AZ Marijuana Legalization Initiative

 AZ Marijuana Legalization Initiative Following an Arizona Legislative legal review, the Smart and Save Arizona Act, which would legislate marijuana for adult-use (recreationally), is enabled to advance. Legal evaluations of tally steps are done to

ensure language and design are consistent with Legislative-drafted measures. During the legal evaluation a couple of changes needed to be made to gain approval to progress, AZ Central reported. Stacy Pearson, a representative for the effort’s campaign said that the majority of the changes will be accepted by the group.

A small problem explained throughout the evaluation was that the effort does not describe where funds from marijuana possession fines will go. It says that violations will be managed with civil charges and fines but doesn’t specify where the earnings will be sent to. Other little things that were pointed out were simple grammatical mistakes and using alphabetical listings in some areas.

Concerning the earnings from ownership fines, Pearson stated, “That’s a great catch.”

As soon as the corrections are made, the initiative will be refiled, which is anticipated to happen within a week.

The effort would legislate marijuana use and ownership of as much as one ounce for grownups 21 and older.

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