AZ Legislature Is Attempting to Damage the State’s Citizen Defense Act

February 14, 2020 by erfa5t8

Arizona Voter Protection Act

 Arizona Voter Protection Act By Bob Christie, Associated Press

(AP)– Republicans in the Legislature who have long chafed at a restriction on changing voter-approved initiatives, such as the Arizona Medical Cannabis Act, are relocating to ask citizens to enable them to do simply that on steps affecting “public health or safety.”

The proposal from GOP Sen. Vince Leach authorized by a Senate committee Thursday would gut a huge part of the Citizen Security Act. That 1998 constitutional modification authorized by citizens bars any changes to voter approved laws unless they “even more the function” of the measure and get a three-quarters vote of the Legislature.

Leach told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the effort was prompted by issues about voter-approved laws, consisting of one enabling the usage of medical cannabis and one authorized in 2016 that raised the state base pay to $12 by this year. That measure increases state heathcare expenses, while lawmakers have actually been stymied in efforts to regulate THC-infused edibles and cannabis growing operations.

Republican lawmakers and organisation groups have actually long groused about the Citizen Defense Act, which was passed after the GOP-controlled Legislature repealed a 1996 medical cannabis initiative. That’s partially due to the fact that voters have actually passed laws like the base pay increase the GOP-controlled Legislature would never ever authorize.

Thursday’s hearing was rushed, without any testimony from the general public. That bugged Joel Edman, who leads the progressive group Arizona Advocacy Network.

” Changing the constitution to take power from the citizens, on a party-line vote, without public testament,” Edman tweeted. “These are the actions of a power-hungry bulk acting at the wish of corrupt business interests and desperately trying to hang on to power.”

Democratic Sen. Andrea Dalessandro was short in explaining her no vote.

“This seriously deteriorates and undermines the voice of the people of Arizona,” she said.



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