AZ Medical Marijuana Cards Go Electronic in December 2019

November 25, 2019 by erfa5t8

Digital Marijuana Card Arizona

Starting Dec 1, 2019, Arizona medical marijuana patient cards will be provided in electronic type and not as a physical card. The brand-new digital cards will be issued to brand-new patients in addition to clients restoring their card. The Arizona Department of Health Providers will email these clients a

PDF document of their card. Clients and caretakers can upgrade their e-mail on file by going to” AZDHS will email clients of the modification to how cards are released” and” info will be readily available to follow up with the new procedure,” the Dept of Health Providers stated.” The website will be updated with details soon.” Arizona medical marijuana clients will no longer have to bring a physical card with them. Instead, patients only need to have access to their digital card through their e-mail or a screenshot of the digital card. If patients choose having a physical card they can just print the digital card. “This new process is making it simpler for patients to update or alter details when needed too

,” stated the AZDHS.” The digital cards can be accessed from a cell phone, laptop computer or any other digital gadget with Internet gain access to. “Since late August, Arizona medical cannabis cards ended up being valid for 2 years instead of one. Caretaker and dispensary agent cards also ended up being valid for 2 years. The AZDHS will be sending the new electronic medical marijuana cards from the e-mail address: [email protected] AP Photo/Andrew Selsky CLICK ON THIS LINK Success!

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