Baltimore to no longer prosecute individuals for cannabis possession

January 30, 2019 by erfa5t8

People in Baltimore will no longer be prosecuted for possession of cannabis, the city’s chief prosecutor has announced, though local authorities are set to fight the problem and still make arrests.

Baltimore state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby, said her office won’t prosecute any ownership cases from now on– regardless of the quantity of the drug found or the criminal history of the suspect.

Almost 5,000 existing cannabis convictions might likewise be tossed out.

” Nobody who is severe about public safety can truthfully state that costs resources to prison people for marijuana use is a clever method to utilize our limited money and time,” Mosby said.

Baltimore has the greatest murder rate of any big United States city, and the majority of murders are never ever fixed– leading the district attorney to argue that drug cases are a wild-goose chase that could be invested pursuing violent criminal activity. At the same time, the large bulk of Baltimore citizens targeted for marijuana enforcement are black.

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“Law enforcement pays a high cost in the type of public trust when we spend resources on things like marijuana and all at once stop working to fix and effectively prosecute murders,” Mosby said. “Ask any mother who has lost a son to weapon violence whether she wants us to invest more time fixing and prosecuting her boy’s killer or to hang out on cannabis possession. It’s not a close question.”

But the Baltimore cops department was not on board with the district attorney’s relocation, and said it would continue to detain individuals for marijuana belongings.

” Baltimore Police will continue to make arrests for unlawful cannabis ownership unless and up until the state legislature alters the law concerning marijuana belongings,” stated the authorities commissioner, Gary Tuggle.

Ten states and Washington DC have actually legislated cannabis for leisure use. Numerous other states and cities have moved away from arrests and prosecutions for illegal use of the drug.

There were 309 murders last year in Baltimore, a city of 600,000, and only 26% of those murders were solved– far below the nationwide average.

On the other hand, black individuals are 6 times more like to be apprehended for marijuana possession than whites, the prosecutor’s office states.



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