A British guy who was apprehended in Bali for possession of cannabis oil

says he is now living a” terrible headache” and deals with a jail term of as much as 15 years. Pip Holmes, 45, was arrested on 3 December for possession of what he described as” a small amount of THC oil”, which he had actually sent to him in< a href=" https://www.theguardian.com/world/indonesia "class=" u-underline

” > Indonesia to help with his arthritis discomfort. He was among five people jailed by Indonesian police for declared drug smuggling recently in Denpasar, the capital of Bali province.

Indonesia has rigorous drug laws, with dozens of convicted smugglers presently on death row, consisting of the British residents Gareth Cashmore and Lindsay Sandiford.

Holmes, from Cornwall, stated cops mentioned that the weight of the bottles he got in the post from a pal in Thailand was 31g, which equates to around 3g of cannabis oil.

What is cannabis oil and how does it work?

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“I am guilty under Indonesian law of belongings of narcotics, there’s no denying that,” he wrote on a website established to raise $ 100,000 (₤ 79,000) for his legal representation.

” Even though medical THC is something so extensively accepted elsewhere and it was such a small amount, I mistakenly crossed the line in a very strict country. The only method now to ensure my sentence is something I will survive is to buy the best legal representation and rehab.”

Holmes, who described himself as a painter and surfer, invested six days in a cops cell before being transferred to a rehab center after his lawyers argued that he was a drug user instead of a drug trafficker.

The Briton, whose two children reside in the UK with his ex-wife, stated: “For the last few days, each morning I have awakened in a terrible problem. I still can’t think that I’m here and I feel sick with fear.

” As it stands, I do not understand if I’m about to invest a couple of months in rehab or if I will face 5 to 15 years in Kerobokan– one of the most difficult prisons in the world.”

A declaration on the fundraising website read: “Pip made an extremely severe error of judgment and is exceptionally sorry. As the people who love him, we just can’t face watching him serve five to 15 years in among the toughest prisons on the planet or worse.

” There is a legal team in Bali that can help him get into a rehabilitation facility rather. There he would serve a few months and likewise get the aid he requires. He doesn’t be worthy of a long sentence. He needs our aid.”

A Foreign Workplace representative said: “Our personnel are helping a British guy following his arrest in Bali and touch with his household, legal representative and the Indonesian authorities.”

Following a series of high-profile cases including children in the UK being rejected access to cannabis oil to control epileptic seizures, the house secretary revealed in October that cannabis-derived medicine would be provided by means of prescription.

Cannabis-derived medical products were put in schedule 2 of the 2001 Misuse of Drugs Regulations on 1 November. Topics



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