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Arizona Supreme Court Cannabis Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has actually unwaveringly opposed marijuana for medical and leisure usage in Arizona. Now, Montgomery is an applicant to end up being an Arizona Supreme Court judge, and his recent headway into the interview stage is a disturbing sign for the Arizona medical cannabis program.

Montgomery has attempted to hinder the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA), the Arizona Capital Times reports, yet the Arizona Supreme Court’s purpose is to impartially maintain Arizona’s laws, not obstruct them.

” … Montgomery’s background reveals that he does not have characteristics essential to serve in this capacity: He can’t fairly think about misbehavior claims, is driven by ideology and does not have appellate experience crucial to the highest court in our state,” stated Mikel Steinfeld of Arizona Attorneys for Lawbreaker Justice.

Montgomery has actually used his position in efforts to ward off the state’s legalized medical marijuana program (that, thankfully, have stopped working), however he continues to fight versus the voter-approved law instead of accepting it.

For instance, his anti-marijuana position led him to needlessly argue that federal law exceeds the AMMA, which a judge turned down. He’s likewise tried disrupting the AMMA via zoning laws for medical cannabis dispensaries by saying that the permits issued were” aiding and abetting in the infraction of federal law.” Again, this attempt stopped working.

If the Arizona Supreme Court’s task is to impartially support the law and Bill Montgomery has continuously tried to take apart the state’s voter-approved medical cannabis law, then why is he even being considered for the judgeship? If he somehow gets designated, it would likely be catastrophic for the Arizona medical cannabis program.

Interviews are set up for March 1.

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