Deal with teenage cannabis dealerships as potential victims, says thinktank

September 12, 2018 by erfa5t8

Young people who are caught dealing cannabis needs to be treated as possible victims instead of crooks, a thinktank has actually prompted, indicating figures showing an increase in the number

of kids offering drugs. Official information revealed fewer adults have been criminalised for offenses involving the supply of marijuana in England and Wales over the previous 5 years, while more under-18s have actually been. The figures were included in a report on kids and controlled substances by the drug policy project group Volteface.

It pointed out figures released by the Ministry of Justice under freedom of details laws showing the variety of prosecutions and convictions in both age had decreased for ownership and cultivation of cannabis between 2012-13 and

2016-17. But in the exact same duration, the variety of young people prosecuted for supplying marijuana increased by 14.5% and there was a 25.6% boost in convictions. That compared to a 16.4% fall in the number of prosecutions of grownups and a 1.4% boost in convictions for the same crime.

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In respect of belongings with intent to supply marijuana, 5.5% more youths were prosecuted and there was a 5.1% rise in convictions. The number of prosecutions of grownups fell by 22.1% and convictions by 10.6%.

Steve Moore, the former president of David Cameron’s Big Society Network, said this “might indicate that more youths are being exploited by adults to deal cannabis on their behalf”.

” Cuts to youths’s services using support and intervention, a lack of opportunities, a desire for cash and social status, along with social media easily linking young people with dealerships, have been proposed as reasons that make youths significantly susceptible to ending up being cannabis dealerships,” he said.

One of the group’s suggestions was that “dealing marijuana as a young person be thought about a potential indicator of vulnerability, rather than criminality, and should be treated as a safeguarding issue, just like in circumstances of child sexual exploitation”.

Earlier this month, the Guardian reported on the trend among some drug dealers in urban locations to grooming young people and offering them loan to sell class A drugs in backwoods, a < a href= ""class

=” u-underline” > trade called” county lines “. However Volteface said its research study recommended “this model has not, as it stands, taken hold with marijuana”.

The organisation said the people its researchers spoke with reported that “young people are being targeted by adult dealers to deal marijuana on their behalf, typically for money, or to obtain marijuana to smoke, with explicit or implied browbeating involved”.



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