'' Delighted I lived to see this day'': leisure pot sales start in Massachusetts

November 20, 2018 by erfa5t8

In Massachusetts, hundreds braved hours-long waits in the rain, sleet and snow on Tuesday to be amongst the first consumers east of Colorado enabled to legally purchase recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana went on sale at 8am at two Massachusetts dispensaries, making the state the seventh in the country to enable the sale of the drug. Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington all began sales recently.

Massachusetts citizens legalized marijuana in November 2016, however a mindful bureaucracy delayed sales previously. The rollout in the state is presently restricted to two dispensaries: One in Northampton in western Massachusetts and one in the village of Leicester in main Massachusetts.

A number of other dispensaries across the state plan on opening, however it is uncertain when state marijuana regulators will give them the thumbs-up.

People wait in line to buy cannabis at the New England Treatment Access in Northampton, Massachusetts, on 20 November.

Pinterest Individuals wait in line to buy marijuana at the New England Treatment Access in Northampton, Massachusetts, on 20 November. Picture: Joseph Prezioso/AFP/Getty Images Customers in line at the Cultivate dispensary in Leicester on Monday were excited.”&This is a significant day in Massachusetts history,” stated Rich Sadowsky, 56, of close-by Sturbridge.” I’m on holiday, but I would have taken a vacation day for this.” 2nd
opportunities: how ex-convicts are illuminating the cannabis market Find out more

Andy Gordon, 72, drove 30 miles to the dispensary from his home in Leominster. He initially smoked marijuana nearly 5 decades ago as a soldier in Vietnam and is happy that it is now legally
offered.” It sure did some marvels for our spirits then and I hope it will do the exact same

thing for me

now, “he said. “I’m pleased I lived enough time to see this day. I didn’t believe I would, however I did.” Regional authorities limited access in Leicester and warned enthusiastic customers of wait times.

Busses shuttled consumers to and from a remote parking website half a mile away, however many parked their cars anywhere they might and made their method to the dispensary on foot. As groups of successful customers left with their purchases, some left faint whiffs of marijuana smoke in their wake. Not everybody approached by the Guardian wanted to talk; Cannabis stays illegal at the federal level and there is nothing to stop employers in Massachusetts from firing employees who use the drug without a medical prescription. While it is now entirely legal in the state, a stigma stays and some still speak of

it in whispers. However across the nation, attitudes on marijuana seem to be altering. The use, possession and growth of leisure cannabis is legal in neighbouring Vermont and close-by Maine. Nevertheless, neither state permits the sale of the drug yet. It is similarly legal in the District of Columbia. And earlier this month, Michigan voted to legalise the

drug. In Connecticut, the governor-elect, Ned Lamont, spoke in favor of

the legalization of leisure marijuana throughout his project and on Monday said legalization would be one of the “priorities” of the state’s next legislative session. Jim Smith, a Boston lawyer whose firm represents a number of cannabis business in the state

, hopes more stores will open quickly.” With 2 shops east of the Mississippi, I think the rollout is going to be pretty disorderly,” he said.” Two shops can’t service the commonwealth of 6.7 million individuals. Denver has 200 stores servicing 670,000 individuals.” At the New England Treatment Gain access to dispensary in Northampton, more than 1,000 consumers had been served through mid-afternoon

according to Norton Arbelaez, the company’s governmental affairs director. In line at the Leicester Cultivate dispensary, those waiting revealed hope that the legal sale of cannabis would have a positive influence on

the state– and that it would quickly be legal across the country.< img class= "gu-image "alt=" A staff member shows cannabis for recreational and medical usage at the Cultivate dispensary in Leicester, Massachusetts, 20 November. "src =" https://i.guim.co.uk/img/media/dbc6887c09f3fd280de5f6049970989e6d1863ed/0_514_5000_2999/master/5000.jpg?width=300&quality=85&auto=format&fit=max&s=5b5bf3573dd2a7049e1e326631ecf72a"/

An employee displays marijuana for recreational and medical use at the Cultivate dispensary in Leicester, Massachusetts, 20 November.

Pinterest A staff member&shows marijuana for leisure and medical use at the Cultivate dispensary in Leicester, Massachusetts, 20 November. Photo: Cj Gunther/EPA Trainees Jack Merullo and Sam Tufts, both 21, drove to the dispensary from the Boston location early Tuesday early morning.’ You’re not going to pass away’: how to make it through an edible marijuana

overdose Find out more” It’s surreal since our whole lives it’s been a criminal offense,” stated Merullo. As they were parking, they said a regional police officer directing

the rush of individuals to the village had suggested a pressure they ought to try

, saying he had

a medical cannabis card.” It’s empowering, it feels like we’re lastly getting the rights that we must have had,” stated Merullo. Subjects

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