Drug Cartels Are Smuggling New Kind of Marijuana Across the Arizona Border

January 16, 2020 by erfa5t8

Marijuana Border Arizona

Drug cartels have been getting imaginative when it concerns getting drugs across the U.S. border. They ve used catapults, submarines, drones, and backpackers. And, now, those backpackers are lugging what appears like petroleum, however it s really pure THC concentrate. Police authorities in Arizona have actually been on the path of these backpackers.

According to Investigator Shay of the Maricopa County Sheriff s Workplace (MCSO), it takes about 250 pounds of marijuana to make a 5-gallon bucket of THC concentrate, or as he calls it, unrefined cannabis oil, ABC 15 News reported. It s approximated that one pail of the concentrate can make more than $500,000 worth of vape cartridges.

Detective Shay said, I began to see individuals that would normally backpack marijuana through the desert were now backpacking up crude oil. Vaping has actually become a popular intake technique for marijuana. Detective Shay speculates this is the driving force behind the cartels shift from unlawfully carrying and offering marijuana flowers to concentrates.

Detective Shay said, The black-market marijuana cartridges are going to be hazardous, period. CLICK ON THIS LINK


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