Grading marijuana strength ‘will enhance psychological health of users’

October 13, 2019 by erfa5t8

Standard units for grading the < a href="” title=”" class=” u-underline” > effectiveness of marijuana– comparable to those already used for alcohol– would lead to considerable improvements in the mental health of users, according to

addiction professionals. Scientists from the Dependency and Mental Health Group at the University of Bath, dealing with staff from King’s College London, UCL and the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, state more requirements to be done to make individuals aware of the levels of THC– the main psychedelic part– in the cannabis they are consuming.

Composing in the journal Addiction, the experts recommend a system level ought to be set at 5mg of THC– the amount that would usually be found in a small joint. This suffices to cause intoxication but without psychotic symptoms, they state.

” Our findings add to a growing body of evidence that suggests the health effects of cannabis are dose-related,” said lead author Sam Craft, from King’s College London. “We believe a unit system would assist both users and health care professionals by providing clearer details on the kinds of marijuana products and their strength.”

Previous research from the team has highlighted how concentrations of THC in cannabis have doubled across Europe in the previous years. However although usage of the drug is extensive and there are relocations in some nations to legalise it, basic units– which have actually been commonplace for alcohol for several years– have not been adopted in health standards.

The authors believe that a standard unit system would also yield advantages for countries where marijuana usage is illegal, such as the UK. “Where the unit system for alcohol has assisted consumers to much better manage their alcohol intake, so, too, this might have important ramifications for cannabis users,” said senior author Dr Tom Freeman from the University of Bath. “This need to offer clear assistance about the dose of THC individuals are taking in. Our hope is that the intro of a system in areas where the drug is legalised will have knock-on effects to nations where it is not, providing users and clinicians with a crucial toolkit to guide much safer use.”

The publication accompanies a 2nd study from the team, released in the journal Psychological Medicine, which examines the relationship in between cannabis and essential health results in more than 55,000 individuals across 175 countries.

Utilizing the < a href=" "title= “” class=” u-underline “> Global Drug Survey, consumers were inquired about the kinds of cannabis they utilized and their health. The outcomes revealed those who utilized greater THC types of marijuana, such as hashish, experienced more extreme illness than those using standard herbal items with lower levels of THC.


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