If there existed a rewarding industry, with proven success, that helps individuals get better and might save cash for the

NHS, should not we be talking about it? After participating in a cannabis conference in Denver, Colorado, it struck me that here was a genuine solution to some of the difficulties our health services is facing. Marijuana has actually been clinically legal in Colorado since 2000, and recreationally legal considering that 2012. While there, I realised I had my own outdated concept of what “leisure” usage actually involved and was quickly enlightened. Professional athletes apply marijuana infused balms for muscle soreness, arthritic pets are treated with cannabis biscuits and mothers take “edibles” (cannabis infused treats) to relax, switching the bottle for weed wine gums. The line between medicinal and recreational use is very hazy anyhow. Is your night glass of Malbec or that pint in the bar for recreational or medicinal functions? In my case, both.

The UK has a chance to enhance the monetary health and wellbeing of the NHS and most importantly, the wellness of individuals

Colorado was voted among the happiest places to reside in the United States and not since they are all stoned. The state government gathered nearly $200m in marijuana taxes in 2016. There they argue about what to do with all the money, as opposed to the best ways to salami-slice ever-decreasing budget plans, as is the norm in Westminster. Colorado set up the Cannabis Money Tax Fund which financial resources education and health programmes. There are now more health care professionals in schools, offering education, in addition to care, for those suffering from drug abuse or in need of mental health services.

The approximated worth of the UK marijuana industry is ₤ 7bn per year, < a href=" https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56eddde762cd9413e151ac92/t/582eecc6e3df2844237ca6dc/1479470281332/The+Tide+Effect+WEB+VERSION.pdf “title=” “class=” u-underline” > according to a report released in 2015. Colorado’s model could be efficiently replicated in the UK, however on a much larger scale, with tax money gotten from the sale of marijuana items diverted to the NHS.

Each year, our health service comes under higher stress from rising expenses, personnel lacks and increased client need. A report launched by the Nuffield Trust, the independent health charity, estimated an overspend of ₤ 4bn between 2016-2017, which is significantly higher than the main figures launched by the NHS. Legalising marijuana would be a great way to start plugging this gap.

In addition to creating a great deal of cash, cannabis can help in reducing expenses within the NHS. In 2015 in the UK, a record variety of anti-depressants were prescribed, costing the NHS about ₤ 260m. After Colorado legalised marijuana, there was a fall in prescriptions focused on treating anxiety and depression.

These advantages are compelling, but a severe collective effort between policymakers and health care specialists is required to ensure that the tax policy works and the regulation stringent. Similar to alcohol and tobacco, cannabis use can have severe health implications. Accountable cannabis businesspeople in Colorado often state they are” in the compliance business initially and the marijuana company 2nd “. Products can’t utilize the word” candy” on their packaging.

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However ultimately, this is a discussion about option– especially when it pertains to healthcare. After my sis was detected with multiple sclerosis in 2011 and my father with Parkinson’s disease in 2007, their only option was prescription pharmaceutical treatment. Pursuing marijuana as a healing alternative would have made them crooks in the eyes of the law, with belongings punishable by a limitless fine and a five-year prison sentence. Although that is something I would be prepared to risk if I remained in persistent pain, numerous would not, members of my family consisted of.

Criminalising cannabis denies patients two times over– first of tax profits that could be utilized to fund their care, and second, of the ability to explore the drug as a possible aid to their treatment or recovery. The UK has an opportunity to improve not just the monetary wellness of the NHS but most importantly, the wellbeing of individuals. My time in Colorado has taught me that public perception has to move– from marijuana as a criminal “incorrect”, to a healthcare right.

- Lily Steele is president of WildeNest, an eco-conscious motion informing and notifying about the natural world