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March 26, 2019 by erfa5t8

The otherwise outstanding post on marijuana thinking ( Can all of us relax about cannabis? Not quite yet, Journal, 25 March) misses a number of points. First is that commercial marijuana can be controlled to consist of precise labels about its strength and balance between THC and CBD, therefore notifying customers. Currently we have a scenario similar to that seen in the prohibition-era United States, where drinkers of alcohol had no concept of the strength of the moonshine they were consuming, and their health suffered. Now people know whether they are consuming wine or port. Simple labelling can sort this out.

Then there is the reality that our present legislation has actually failed by doing much more damage than great, with 10s of countless lives harmed by criminality, imprisonment and the civilian casualties to family and neighborhood life. For much better or worse, intoxication seems to be a fundamentally human trait: bring it out into the open, manage, inform and after that tax it so the costs of the damage to vulnerable people can be fulfilled by the mass of cumulative customers. We do that for tobacco and alcohol. Now is time for the far less destructive marijuana to join the party.Dr Colin Bannon
Crapstone, Devon

- Re your report ( Stronger cannabis linked to increased risk of psychosis, 20 March), there is little doubt now about the association in between marijuana and psychological health, however the risk is small in contrast with the number of users. I believe it is time to stop duplicating research studies on this problem as they are including little in the way of brand-new info. What would be novel is to work out in advance of direct exposure to cannabis who is at threat of establishing psychosis, rather than just count those who have already unfortunately end up being unwell.Ian Hamilton Associate teacher of addiction, University of York – Sign up with the argument– email [email protected]!.?.! – Learn more Guardian letters– click here to visit< a href=http://

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