Arizona Marijuana Patient Card

 Arizona Marijuana Patient Card Medical marijuana card charges vary significantly by state with Arizona having among the greatest in the country. The state reports having almost 190,000 patients. Many of which struggle to afford the state’s $150 annual charge( plus another$ 100-$ 150 for a yearly state-required medical cannabis medical professional accreditation), leaving them not able to renew every year.

The Arizona Medical Cannabis Act permits the state to charge a charge that covers the cost of operating the state’s medical cannabis program. Presently, there is a surplus of tens of millions of dollars from the program’s charges imposed on clients and dispensaries. The Arizona Department of Health Providers (ADHS), if they chose to, might just decrease the yearly charge to a more affordable quantity; for instance, $30– a quantity that will still produce enough income ($ 5.7 million from 190,000 patients) for the state while not putting an unneeded financial concern on the state’s citizens looking for alternative medicine.

Arizona medical cannabis patients and lawmakers, such as Senator Sonny Borrelli, have been trying to get the ADHS to lower the annual card fee. But it’s been a not successful fight so far.

Numerous other states across the country have effective medical cannabis programs yet charge a lower yearly charge than Arizona. A lot of states currently charge less than $100 yearly.

Marijuana card costs by state:

Alaska– $25.
Arizona–$ 150 ($ 75 for those on
BREEZE) Arkansas– $50.
California– $66 ($ 33 for Medi-Cal clients).
Colorado– $15.
Connecticut– $100.
Delaware– $125.
Florida– $75.
Hawaii– $35.
Illinois– $100 ($ 50 for SSDI, SSI and veterans).
Iowa– $100 ($ 25 for SSDI, SSI or Medicaid).
Maine– Free (registration is voluntary).
Maryland– Free ($ 50 optional MMCC ID card cost).
Massachusetts– $50.
Michigan– $60.
Minnesota– $200 ($ 50 for SSDI, SSI or Minnesota Care patients).
Missouri– $25.
Montana– $75.
Nevada– $100.
New Hampshire– $50.
New Jersey– $200 (reduced charge for certain people).
New Mexico– Free.
New york city– $50.
North Dakota– $100 for first time registrants, then $50 plus $25 renewal cost.
Ohio– $50.
Oklahoma– $100 ($ 20 for those receiving SoonerCare or Medicare).
Oregon– $200 ($ 60 for Oregon Health Plan members and SNAP. $20 for veterans and SSI).
Pennsylvania– $50.
Rhode Island– $100 ($ 10 for Medicaid or SSI).
Utah– $200.
Vermont– $50.
Virginia– $50.
Washington– $1.
Washington D.C.– $100.
West Virginia– $50 (can be waived if financial challenge is shown).

With adequate pressure, the ADHS will eventually be forced to succumb to Arizonans’ want a (considerably) lower yearly fee.

Contact the ADHS to leave your talk about this problem.