Jacob Rees-Mogg’s financial investment firm is advising among the highest-profile investors in Canada’s cannabis market. Somerset Capital Management, co-founded by the prominent Brexiter MP, is a consultant to an emerging markets fund established by Function Investments.

Function Investments has actually emerged this year as one of the most popular financiers in the Canadian cannabis market. The drug will become legal for leisure use there in October, but it has actually been legal for medical use because 2001.

Rees-Mogg, chair of the pro-Brexit European Research study Group, has chosen not to back either the decriminalisation or legalisation of marijuana in the UK.

The development comes days after it emerged that Somerset set up a 2nd fund in Ireland after it cautioned earlier this year about the monetary threats of the sort of difficult Brexit favoured by the Conservative MP. Files reveal that Somerset Capital Management is an adviser to the Function Emerging Markets Dividend Fund, which purchases sectors consisting of financials, IT and mutual funds in nations such as South Korea, Russia, China and Turkey. The fund does not include investments in the marijuana market. With legalisation in Canada due in the fall, funds throughout North America are seeking to money in. In January, it was reported that Function’s subsidiary Redwood Property Management had set up Canada’s very first actively managed marijuana-themed exchange-traded fund. Inning accordance with the Purpose site, the Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund is close to fully invested. Rees-Mogg, the MP for North East Somerset, said in an interview lastyear that he would not be in favour of the legalisation or decriminalisation of cannabis.

” With the [marijuana] laws as they presently are, you supply a certain amount of security for individuals.” If you have a system of security which is saving people you are ideal to keep the ban in location. The onus of proof is on those who want to change the law and I don’t think they

have managed to establish that the extra risk is worth taking,” he stated. A spokesperson for Somerset Capital Management verified that it advises an account on behalf of Redwood. Rees-Mogg has been called for comment. The European Research study Group continues to

put pressure on the prime minister to adopt a more antagonistic stance towards Brussels as the UK negotiates its exit from

the EU. Disclosures about his service transactions

have actually been used by political challengers to attack Rees-Mogg, who has been working part-time at Somerset Capital in addition to his duties as an MP and has actually consistently dismissed the issues

of those fretted about the monetary risks of Brexit. The MP has a stake of more than 15%, inning accordance with the register of MPs’ financial interests. It emerged this week that 21 members at

the firm shared ₤ 25.3 m in the year to the end of March, up from ₤ 21.9 m the previous year. Anna McMorrin MP, a leading fan of the People’s Vote [on the final Brexit deal] project, said SRM’s relationship with Purpose raised additional questions about Rees-Mogg’s judgment. “Jacob Rees-Mogg opposes the legalisation of cannabis in the UK, but he’s happy to recommend a fund established by a company which profits from its manufacture overseas. This reveals the real hypocrisy of the Brextremists– identified to wreck our European alliances and require a hard Brexit offer on the UK so that they can profit from open market offers which benefit their own company interests,” she stated. Topics Jacob Rees-Mogg Cannabis Canada Americas Drugs news< a class=" social __ action js-social __