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Industry Sports jackets is a periodic Q&A that spotlights Arizona’s talented medical marijuana experts who influence and grow the market. Brought to you by a partnership in between and Proven Media. Do you know somebody that is an Industry Blazer in Arizona? If so, email us their name and contact details. Alison Miller |

Director of Sales & Marketing at Hana Meds Alison Miller got in the medical cannabis industry in Arizona back in 2013 and carried out different roles at a Phoenix dispensary, such as administrative assistant, social networks, client care and inventory. Miller then joined Hana Meds’Kingman dispensary in 2016 working

in patient care. Not long after, she ended up being the Director of Wholesale and later transitioned into Director of Sales and Marketing. Miller’s knowledge in HIPAA compliance, patient care, budget plan and money management, stock production and control, and item brand name development and management have actually shown her service savvy for the market. She also coaches new entrants to the marijuana

market and is known as a leader who drives organisation with stability, passion and enjoyable. Others have described Miller as,”a ray of sunshine in an industry emerging from the shadows.” Social network: in/passthedutchie Q & A with Alison Miller Exactly what is your preferred marijuana occasion? Any of the expos. MJ BizCon

is constantly a go-to, and SWCC Exposition was a

blast. Exactly what is your favorite cannabis product, stress or flavor

? San Dimas OG Dutchies. It’s the best pressure day or night

. Inform us your favorite aspect of being a part of the cannabis company community? The fact that this is only the start. Every day we learn brand-new things, and to be so included is remarkable. Exactly what about you or your business gets the most praise from customers? Our flavors.

We provide an amazing range of pressures across all of our brands; it’s good to have

choices. Who are your company idols and role models? Why? Jimmy Iovine, Arianna Huffington, and Henry Ford.

Jimmy’s perseverance, Arianna’s fearlessness, and Henry’s

ingenuity. What was the best barrier you conquered to prosper? Stigma. Not everybody is open to the idea of cannabis, and shedding a positive light on the industry is an excellent way to deal. What is in your playlist that would amaze people who understand you? Musical soundtracks are trip essentials.

Exactly what was your last social networks post? Although they are typically marijuana in

nature, my last social media post was frustrating excitement for the FEI World Equestrian Games. It is

being held near to my hometown in North Carolina this year, which is quite major. What superhero characteristic would you most like to have? The capability to teleport would bring substantial efficiency to my life. Share this story with buddies: