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Tabitha Hauer|Lead Chemist & & Owner of Desert Valley Screening (DVT) and Desert Valley Consulting (DVC)

As a natural chemist, Tabitha Hauer has more than 17 year of extensive instrumentation experience utilizing Gas Chromatography (GC), Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and High Efficiency Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

Hauer turned to medical marijuana for pain relief after a waking up one day in 2008 with cloudy vision and an unusually shaped student that continued to grow unhealthy cells. About two years later, medical professionals lastly detected her with iridocorneal endothelial syndrome (ICE), a special ophthalmic condition including an irregular corneal endothelium that can lead to varying degrees of corneal edema, iris atrophy, and secondary angle-closure glaucoma.

After multiple surgeries, loss of vision in her left eye and no remedy for extreme discomfort and pressure, Hauer’s physician advised she look into medical marijuana. She obtained her patient card and looked into pressures to obtain relief from her disorders.

After checking out many dispensaries for pressures high in CBG (Cannabigerol) to treat her ICE, Hauer recognized not all medical cannabis offered in Arizona was being checked. So, currently an accomplished natural chemist, Hauer discovered success in evaluating her own marijuana. She then decided every client needs to understand what is in their medical cannabis to choose the proper strain that will give them the most benefit . Hauer opened Desert Valley Testing(DVT)in November 2014 and continues to evaluate marijuana and tout the importance of screening. DVT provides accurate and ethical information to its clients and thinks integrity is of the utmost importance when examining samples to provide this important info to end users. They likewise provide lab tours to review all processes and services.

In 2017, Hauer opened Desert Valley Consulting (DVC), which encourages and assists growing, dispensaries, concentrate labs and kitchen areas on ways to establish little quality assurance, research study and advancement labs within their own center to conserve cash and time when establishing products. DVC helps smaller facilities to accomplish this affordably and accurately.

Hauer’s enthusiasm is to help all business check their marijuana because she feels that she also reaps the benefits of educating and assisting Arizonans with safer cannabis for clients.

Site: Q & A with Tabitha Hauer Exactly what about you or your business gets the most applaud from clients?

DVT clients love that we are so open on data and processes. We welcome all clients to come go to, take a tour, audit our data and procedures, talk to our personnel and ask lots of concerns. DVT informs all customers on the significance of testing and the best ways to understand their test results. We want our clients to know their lab, as well as their chemist. They should feel comfy and positive in the outcomes they receive.

Exactly what is something most people have no idea about you or your organisation?

DVT is not financier owned. It was developed by a patient for clients. I needed test outcomes for my own conditions and as soon as I found out the best ways to assist myself, I wished to help others. DVT has actually grown from a one lady program to a very effective laboratory in Arizona. I could not be more blessed with the unbelievable personnel that have actually been my buddies and associates in analytical chemistry for the previous 18 years. Their assistance and dedication to client care and support for me has actually been heartwarming.

My personnel is composed of a number of lifelong coworkers and pals who have actually experienced my battles with my eye illness. They have gotten on board to support my passion in cannabis and strive with me to obtain accurate and ethical lead to patients across the state. The results permit clients to be able to obtain relief naturally and safely.

I am really blessed with exactly what DVT has ended up being and have actually because opened Desert Valley Consulting (DVC). We don’t care who checks clients’ cannabis items just as long as it gets evaluated! DVC helps smaller sized facilities to attain this cost effectively and precisely.

Exactly what is your preferred marijuana event? Why?

I love all the national laboratory and scientific conferences. These occasions are so educational and I get to fulfill other “science nerds” like myself. It is good to be able to speak “geek” and everybody understands me!

What is your preferred cannabis item, stress or flavor?

I do not have a favorite stress, item or taste. I just go off test outcomes. If the outcomes yield precisely as the medications I need for relief then it is a win win! I am old-fashioned though, I do choose to medicate with flower before any other items. There is nothing like busting a bud open and smelling all the natural terpenes!

Inform us your favorite aspect of being a part of the cannabis company neighborhood?

I love that I get to witness miracles with medical cannabis first hand. I get to consult with many clients who have actually beat cancer, have discomfort relief and have total enhanced their lifestyle due to this natural plant! It is heartfelt to hear all the success stories.

At DVT, we provide free services to all medicating children and terminally ill clients.

Who are your service idols and good example? Why?

I really do not have any organisation idols. Some days I truthfully seem like I have no idea what I am doing. I am an easy chemist who discovered how to test medications and am profiting of seeing wonders taking place every day. I check out the book “Opening a Service for Dummies” and I find out as I go and as I grow. I am so blessed with DVT’s success and continued development.

What was the best obstacle you overcame to prosper?

I am an introvert, so it was so hard for me to head out and market myself or go to events and speak in front of crowds. However, I am getting better. Now, if you get me in a space with other science nerds I can promote hours about science! I am truly grateful for my marketing team– Erin and Erica– who keep DVT in the public eye with all of our updates, testing services and educational materials we supply. I truly do have an incredible personnel however you will often discover me concealing behind them.

Exactly what is in your playlist that would shock individuals who know you?

Frank Sinatra in the laboratory every day, throughout the day.

Exactly what was your last social media post?

I need to admit I am not extremely social networks savvy. But my staff posts excellent details on DVT updates, patient success stories, services we offer and the most recent news in the industry.

What superhero characteristic would you most like to have?

I never ever rest, I work all the time to do exactly what I do. Grind, sleep and repeat is my slogan. I actually consider myself a contemporary pioneer. I think I can do anything when my mind is set, I have attainable goals and I maintain incredible inspiration.

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