The mom of a young boy with severe epilepsy has called for a meeting with the house secretary and health secretary to discuss making medical cannabis legal for kids who have comparable conditions to her child.

Charlotte Caldwell stated it was “absolutely horrific” and “vicious” that 12-year-old Billy had actually been declined marijuana oil after Office authorities confiscated a six-month supply. She is seeking a discussion on the concern with Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt.

She added that his condition was now starting to enhance after being allowed to have some of the treatment on licence. Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Caldwell stated: “This experience, that myself and my little boy have sustained in this last week, I do not want, and I will not wait and let, any other household in our nation sustain. It’s absolutely horrific, it’s cruel.

” I’m asking Sajid now. I’m in London, I can assure him I’m not going anywhere, till this is now put in place and this medication is made available to all the other kids that frantically need it.”

Billy began utilizing cannabis oil, which contains a compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in 2016 to control his seizures.

THC is unlawful in the UK however available somewhere else. Billy’s latest supply, which came from Canada, was seized when he and his mother got to Heathrow airport from Toronto. After Billy suffered “life-threatening” seizures without access to his supply, Javid issued an unique licence to supply him with treatment.

The oil was administered under a 20-day licence and is not enabled to be taken home. A spokeswoman for the Office said it was an “exceptional licence” for a “short-term emergency” and it would need to be examined.




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