New Arizona Costs Lowers Home Cultivation Limitation, Extends Card Expiration, and More

February 7, 2019 by erfa5t8


Arizona Medical Marijuana Act

 Arizona Medical Marijuana Act A costs just recently presented in Arizona’s Legislature by Rep. Randall Friese aims to amend the voter-approved Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. HB 2537 would alter the AMMA by implementing third party screening of cannabis, fingerprinting for caretakers and dispensary agents, decreasing the house cultivation plant limitation for clients and caregivers, extending medical cannabis card expiration dates, lowering the growing limit, and more. The significant changes HB 2537 would make are: Home growing would decrease from 12 to 6 plants. Arizona medical cannabis cards would expire after 2 years of issuance instead of one. Caregivers and dispensary employees would need to get a valid fingerprint clearance card
. The meaning of marijuana would become: “Cannabis that is cultivated, processed, given, tested or had for a medical usage, consisting of medical marijuana extract and medical cannabis. “The meaning of marijuana extract would become:” Medical cannabis extract indicates a compound that is obtained by separating cannabinoids of the marijuana plant by physical or chemical means to develop a medical marijuana item with a cannabinoid concentration higher than the raw plant material from which it is obtained.” The meaning of medical marijuana item would end up being:” Medical cannabis product means an item that both consists of cannabinoids that have been extracted from plant product or the resin from plant product by physical or chemical means that is planned for administration to a registered certifying patient for a medical usage. Includes oils, extract, casts, edibles, spots, topicals, shatter, wax, kief, tablets, pills and suppositories.” Obligatory testing of marijuana would be implemented forcing independent
third-party laboratories to confirm
that cannabis for medical usage fulfills certain standards. Mandatory inspection of dispensaries would start in June 2020 to determine the quality of the marijuana being kept and given. Cannabis would be offered in “childproof containers and indicate the registered certifying patient’s name and computer system registry identification card number and the effectiveness of the marijuana on the label.
” Would allow out-of-state medical marijuana clients to buy marijuana from Arizona dispensaries. Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr How to Assistance This Expense Arizonans can support this bill online by using the Request to Speak (RTS) system. It requires making a one-time check out to 1700 W Washington St in Phoenix or 400 W Congress St., Suite 201 in Tucson and
registering for RTS using the kiosks there. As soon as that step is completed, you can then individually support costs online. Learn more about RTS at Petition to Minimize MMJ Card Charge in Arizona–< a href="” > Sign the petition here Arizona Petition SUBSCRIBE HERE Success!

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