New Arizona Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opening Soon

April 3, 2019 by erfa5t8

Peoria Dispensary

A 5th dispensary has actually gotten approval to operate in Peoria, and will be opening near 88th Ave and Thunderbird. Peoria, located simply west of Phoenix, has a higher than typical portion of medical cannabis patients in comparison to other cities in Arizona.

According to the city planning director, Chris Jacques, the first three dispensaries in Peoria saw terrific opposition however the last two approvals passed easily, < a href="" target=" _ blank" rel="

noopener noreferrer” > Your Valley reported. Laura Bianchi of Rose Law Group said, “When a family community like Peoria allows a medical marijuana dispensary without public opposition, it is clear that the market’s existence in the state has actually moved public understanding of medical cannabis. False information and worry of the unknown has actually given way to knowledge and approval of medical marijuana as a source of relief and a force for great in the neighborhood.”

The dispensary-to-be’s security plan has already been authorized be Peoria Police. Permission to obtain a Conditional Usage Authorization was given on March 21 for RJM Real Estate Group. The building is 11,350-sqft and will be assigned for sales and administration operations only. No cultivation or production of cannabis will take place at the dispensary.

Jacques stated, “There were concerns with criminal activity or ease of access of the item to minors. Some were just unhappy with the act and confused that is was enacted when it stays prohibited at the federal level. None of these concerns have played out in practice.”

The dispensary hasn’t set an opening date yet, but it is prepared for to open within a few months.

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