Over 100 Cannabis Jobs Are Available in Arizona

November 12, 2019 by erfa5t8

Arizona Marijuana Jobs

Arizona Marijuana Jobs Hundreds of countless Americans have dropped their normal professions over the last decade for an interesting new gig in the flourishing cannabis industry where distinct task opportunities at dispensaries, extraction websites and greenhouses prosper.

In Arizona, there are currently over 100 readily available marijuana industry jobs. Individuals looking for a cannabis-related task can find a variety of available chances.

We have actually compiled links below to job listings for marijuana positions such as budtenders, growers, packagers, trimmers, sales associates, managers, receptionists and more.

Find Arizona marijuana tasks:

Phoenix Metro Location

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Reef Tucson City Area Harvest The Prime Leaf Northern Arizona Copperstate Farms GreenPharms Statewide Indeed.com Thousands more cannabis jobs will become available in Arizona over the next couple of years, if enough Arizonans elect the tally effort in 2020 to legalize leisure marijuana.

View the Smart & Safe effort.

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