Jail Arizona

< img class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-1130296" src=" /wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Jail.jpg" alt =" Prison Arizona ” width=” 715″ height=”401″ / > A recently performed report regarding Arizona’s criminal justice system indicates considerable disparities in cases including cannabis.

” Hispanic people consist of 31% of Arizona’s resident population and 32% of arrests for cannabis possession, however practically 60% of the people admitted to prison for that criminal activity,” AZ Central kept in mind from the report.

It was discovered that African Americans and Caucasians are jailed at almost the same rate in Arizona for cannabis ownership. Maricopa County Attorney Expense Montgomery mentioned that the racial imbalance is not “consequence of any biased decision-making.”

The report compared jail time rates between Maricopa County and Miami-Dade County in Florida as both counties have comparable demographics.

The report discovered: “Maricopa sends out six times as many people to prison as Miami-Dade and increased admissions to state prison by 33% while prison admissions from Miami-Dade have fallen 46%.”

Arizona law needs diversion programs and/or probation for very first time wrongdoers. Furthermore, when a sentence is enforced, the state requires that 85% of the sentence be completed.

It is hypothesized that although arrest and charge records appear semi-stable across all demographic groups, some demographics are likely being charged with offenses that others would likely have actually dismissed.