Should Kids be allowed to take Medical Marijuana to School?

May 14, 2015 by erfa5t8

What’s the Issue with being high?


Marijuana Getting High

After a long day at the office, Jim began his shoes and poured a stiff drink to weaken the tension of the day. When he completed the very first one, he went on to another and could feel the numb touch of inebriation. Worn out, he walked over to bed and went to sleep. Society did not fall apart. On the other side of town, Bob was likewise completing a long day of work and when he came to the warm embrace of … Read more

The War of the Flea and Marijuana Legalization


Marijuana War of the Flea

In current statements Hillary Clinton, presidential hopeful for 2016, weighed in on her views on marijuana in the US. When she was asked about Medical Cannabis in the United States, she had this to say; “I do not think we’ve done sufficient research yet. Although I believe for individuals who are in extreme medical conditions and have anecdotal evidence that it works, there should be accessibility under … Read more

Should Cannabis Reform be a subject for Presidential prospects?


Marijuana Presidential Candidates

Next year you’ll get flooded with campaign guarantees on a range of social concerns. Among the more pressing concerns, at least for the youth is marijuana reform. While most governmental prospects wish to avoid this concern, the fact of the matter is that it will just become more common with time. Not to mention there are likely 8 more states that will certainly try to legislate leisure … Read more

How the Government ought to take better care of Veterans


Marijuana and Veterans Care

Previously this week your house turned down a medical marijuana change for Veterans where veterans would have been able to get a suggestion for medical cannabis from Veterans Affairs. It is necessary to keep in mind that the change failed by a small margin, 210-213. This was the second time a similar change was rejected by the Home. Veterans oftentimes come back from service with serious PTSD … Read more

How prohibition is making legal marijuana more hazardous


Marijuana and the Dangers of Prohibition

Restriction claims to exist to make society more secure. “A Drug Free America”, the ideology of hypocrites kissing their martinis while sneering at those who intoxicate in a different way. A system that creates immeasurable wealth and power to a select few at the expense of the numerous. Given that the declaration of the War on Drugs in 1971, drugs have ended up being more widespread than ever and more affordable in … Learn more

Where to discover Marijuana Related Jobs?


20131217 20131218 A1 CDXXGARDENCITYp1

Just recently we posted a photo of a group of retired people trimming some premium marijuana buds and found one common thought by our users, “Where do you find marijuana related jobs”? This question is ending up being significantly popular due to the fact that cannabis is being legislated all over the location and as everyone understands, where there are cannabis businesses … there are cannabis tasks. To … Read more

What to do about the NIDA Cannabis Debate


What to do about the NIDA Cannabis Controversy

On one side, we have the Federal Government stating that cannabis holds no medical value. On the other side we have the National Institute on Drug Abuse saying, “Cannabis eliminates specific kinds of cancers and lowers the size of others” implying it does certainly have medical value. Yet on another spectrum, we have the legal medical marijuana grow operation at the University of Mississippi, … Find out more

Exactly what does 50 years of Cannabis smoking do to you?


What does 50 years of Marijuana smoking do to you?

We frequently hear prohibitionists discuss “longevity of marijuana use” and the unpredictability of exactly what it could do to you. The problem with this evaluation is that it would imply that cannabis use is something ‘brand-new’; nevertheless, there are millions of marijuana smokers that have a couple of years of cannabis use under their belts implying that we do have some reference to what a. Learn more

Big Pharma tries to leading Medical Cannabis with This Drug


Big Pharma tries to top Medical Marijuana with This Drug

A cholesterol drug called Fenofibrate appears to deal with ‘some of the symptoms’ that is presently being dealt with by cannabis such as, pain, sleeplessness and some psychological conditions. They assert this drug does not produce the side effects that marijuana produces such as dizziness, red eyes and of course cotton mouth. Nevertheless if you truly compare these two compounds, marijuana is still … Read more

The Meaning of 420


The Meaning of 420

There are a lot of short articles challenging over the origins of ’420′ the unofficial celebratory day for marijuana smokers all over the world. I’m not going to dive into ‘where’ the tradition originated from but rather talk about exactly what it indicates to “tokers” all over the world. ’420′ is more than simply an excuse to obtain high with a bunch of people; it is … Find out more

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