Spanish authorities find large marijuana plantations concealed deep in forests

January 1, 2020 by erfa5t8

Spanish police have detained six people and seized 16,000 cannabis plants after an examination into a wave of break-ins led officers to two substantial and sophisticated drug plantations hidden in remote pine forests.

The operation began 7 months back when the nationwide police force found out that an Albanian gang had been taking cigarette vending makers from bars and fuel stations in the north-eastern area of Aragón.

Officers discovered that the exact same gang was likewise growing marijuana on an enormous scale and had actually set up camps to keep a consistent eye on the crops.

The plantations, deep in the pine forests near Agüero and Murillo de Gállego in Aragón, could be reached only after a 30-minute drive in a 4×4 vehicle and a further thirty minutes on foot along difficult courses.

” The gang had lowered big locations of pine trees to maximise the quantity of space for growing marijuana,” police said in a declaration.

” They had likewise adapted gullies to store water, which was then fed to the plantations using pumps, tubes and electrical generators.”

Officers found the websites were safeguarded day and night.

” To do so, the gang had actually established camps that had actually everything needed for lengthy stays, including a large supply of non-perishable items and even a stone oven,” included the declaration.

” Their long-term vigils, together with a best knowledge of the forests in which they lived, made the investigation on the ground immensely hard.”

The plantations were robbed in September. The force stated the challenging terrain had actually indicated that 70 officers had been needed to bring the plants to the nearby point obtainable by 4x4s.

” The operation has actually seen the total dismantling of the six-person gang and the seizure of 16,000 plants weighing an overall of 3.5 tonnes,” said the statement. “It is the most significant seizure to date of marijuana in Aragón.”





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