Starting Nov 2020, AZ Dispensaries Will Be Required to Check All Marijuana

September 30, 2019 by erfa5t8

Arizona Marijuana Testing Laws

 Arizona Cannabis Testing Laws The Arizona Department of Health Solutions (ADHS) has actually started the initial steps to implement guidelines for required screening of medical marijuana in the state. Arizona’s brand-new Medical Marijuana Screening Advisory Council has actually been produced and is discussing how to manage compulsory screening of medical marijuana products sold at dispensaries.

Senate Costs 1494, signed into law by Gov. Ducey in June, will need that all Arizona dispensaries begin evaluating medical cannabis for toxic substances starting on Nov 1, 2020, KJZZ reported. The ADHS will license third-party screening labs to carry out the tests.

SB 1494 reads, in part, that dispensaries need to evaluate “marijuana and marijuana items for medical use to determine unsafe levels of microbial contamination, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, development regulators and residual solvents and validate the strength of the cannabis to be dispensed.”

The ADHS’s Office of Lab Licensing and Certification showed that upgraded screening techniques will be needed due to the multiple types of medical cannabis products that will need to be checked.

” If these labs can’t get recognized in time, if DHS can’t get whatever together in time, that creates a circumstance where clients may not have access to the medicine that they normally have access to on a continuous basis,” stated Medical Marijuana Screening Advisory Council member Joe DeMenna.

The council is going to examine best practices from other cannabis states for assistance in developing and operating marijuana laboratory screening standards.

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