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 Cannabis Patient Arizona The American Council for Client Liberty produced an educational< a href=" https://www.facebook.com/azmmj1/posts/2563121257063092?" target=" _ blank “rel=” noopener” > video to inform Arizonans and elected authorities about the state’s voter-protected medical marijuana law and hemp. House Bill 2149, sponsored by Rep. Tony Rivero( R), seeks to upgrade the Arizona Medical Cannabis Act’s language to more plainly specify its inclusion of cannabis extracts.

” The [Medical] Cannabis Act supersedes the criminal code and I do not desire it to be utilized as a tool to require patients who are fighting cancer and other illness to have to smoke marijuana” instead of utilizing extracts or focuses, < a href=" https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/patient-groups-provide-educational-cannabis-content-to-arizona-voters-300796546.html "target =" _ blank" rel=" noopener

” > stated Rep. Rivero this past January. Different Arizona courts, including the Arizona Appeals Court, have been coming to grips with how to interpret cannabis versus marijuana. Rivero’s proposed law clarifies what some have stated is triggering significant confusion amongst Arizonans, and more significantly, clients.” My child’s home health nursing agency suddenly stopped services on the basis of our grey medical cannabis laws specifying the potential illegality of focused cannabis, the type we most use when medicating my special needs, chronically ill teenager who remains in palliative care,” said Parisa Mansouri-Rad of Phoenix.

Will Humble, the Arizona Public Health Association Director and former Director of the Arizona Department of Health Providers, supports HB 2149 as it “synchronizes the meanings of marijuana and cannabis in the state criminal code and the Arizona Medical Cannabis Act,” according to an article on the AzPHA site outdated Jan 30, 2019.

” This expense will relieve our concerns over access to needed medication and decrease the legal incomprehension which is now affecting my daughter’s quality of life,” Mansouri-Rad said. “To me and my child, this is not a political game being played by county attorneys who are seeking to revoke what voters have approved– it is life and death.”

The confusion over the marijuana definition is leading to criminal charges, and an unsure future for cancer patients who are using medical cannabis extracts in Arizona to cope with the side effects of their treatment. It likewise produces a criminal class for children with epilepsy alongside other vulnerable medical marijuana patient populations.

The Arizona cannabis statute meaning not just disputes with federal hemp laws (the 2018 United States Farm Bill) however the just recently passed Arizona Industrial Hemp Costs (SB 1098). In the 2018 Arizona Legislative session, SB 1098 cruised through both Homes with a super-majority vote and was signed by Guv Ducey.

In June 2018, in State of Arizona v. Jones, the Arizona Division 1 Appeals Court ruled that Arizona medical marijuana dispensary agents and clients can no longer legally disperse or utilize extract-based medication due to an unpredictability concerning Arizona laws. This remains in spite of the fact that prior court choices associated with marijuana/cannabis definitions basically stated they are one in the very same.

How to Assistance This Expense

Arizonans can support this expense online by utilizing the Demand to Speak (RTS) system. It entails making a one-time visit to 1700 W Washington St. in Phoenix or 400 W Congress St., Suite 201in Tucson and registering for RTS using the kiosks there. Once that step is completed, you can then individually support costs online. Learn more about RTS at www.azleg.gov/alisPDFs/RTS_Manual_public.pdf Petition to Reduce

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